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In 2030, the demand and use of fossil fuels has plateaued and the oil giants scramble to latch onto new, more diversified markets. Whilst still an important chunk of the economy, the power of oil slowly extinguishes as the world rapidly shifts to renewables following vital legislation restraining the negative impacts of the energy economy. Nations imposed limitarianist policies to force the small-but-powerful super-rich citizens and corporations to come to the aid of the warming planet they helped create. In addition to these policies, the billions in subsidies provided to oil companies by the rest of the population were freed up for space exploration programmes in the U.S.

Although far from a techno utopia, these programmes hope to bring back technological solutions to the problems we face within our marble as it drifts through space.

During a time when it is easier to imagine a company like Amazon on the moon than seeing the end of capitalism, we must question how we got here and ensure it isn’t just up to the few people hoarding the wealth to decide the fate of the Earth and its inhabitants. Our problems will not be so simply resolved after being in the making for so long. We know our future is not in fossil fuels, yet we continuously rely on these and push our own deadlines further down a dimming future. The state of Texas’ reliance on this industry has left scars on the land which was senselessly abused for our oil-filled desires -  polluting lands and water bodies, top and subsoils, pumping the air with chemicals. This is not exclusive to this state or the U.S. however, worldwide our systems of exports and production continuously create progressively obvious consequences for ourselves and our environment.

We’re not just here to talk about oil, there are many great pieces on it. It is cheap, it is messy, it is a commodity, and it is everywhere. But have you given a second thought to the countless cups, bowls, caps, straps, forks, straws, glass, and anything containing parts? We know the movements which have taken place against these cumbersome materials - but it becomes  background noise when it comes to their “hidden” places: gadget and machine parts - our everyday technological marvels the size of our pocket, the mat under our feet preventing the plastic wheels of your chair from scratching a vinyl floor, it is everywhere but seemingly nowhere. Where did it come from? Where will it go?