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Our foremothers’ and fathers’ mistake was the complacency created by this industry. We continue facing the same foggy future, only now it is riddled with ungovernable plastic and an exigent need to degrow. Do you truly know where the keyboard you’re using came from? What about where it will go once you deem it not clicky enough? Whether it’s attached to your laptop or connected through a plastic-coated USB cable. These producs you use daily are the synthesis of fossil remains, manufactured for your convenience - until it breaks a couple months down the road.

Plastic has become a hyperobject
- it is in itself a being, and a traceable necessity during our daily lives. It’s so far stretched out in the human timeline that it has found its way into practically every aspect of our lives no matter who or where you are. It comes in all packaging, all tags, all computers, all sizes, and more readily accessible than anything else in our globalized society. And since its invention as a replacement for billiard balls, it never got better - it just got cheaper. Our use of plastics for convenience is not new, there are parts of the human world that could not have been accomplished had it not been for this material: blood transfusions, machinery used in hospitals, to sterile objects meant to contain infectious materials.

While we collectively scramble to clean up oceans and try to move away from this toxic part of our history,this will not be the long term solution. The most important thing we have learned from decades of space travel is the need to be resourceful and keep everything we use in mind. The shit you flush down the toilet will be freeze-dried and stored in bags, the packaging for your dehydrated meal must be stored somewhere and can’t simply be littered into space.

So how can we force people to think this way about our own planet when it’s as easy as talking to your corporate-sponsored home-assistant to reorder that toy your child just broke whilst still grasping the broken toy on its way to the trash bin.